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Metal Work

Muscle Car Restorations has an excellent metal fabrication department. The key to a one of a kind restoration is a solid foundation. After a vehicle is professionally chemical stripped, clearing the body of all paint and debris, the metal fabrication team gets to work.

Our craftsmen evaluate the condition of the body and get started on sheet metal repair and replacement. Depending on our customer's wants and needs this is where we can get really creative. We have done many upgrades and modifications including wheel tubbing, custom sway bars, custom framework, transmission tunnels, firewall modifications, and roll cages.

Partial Restorations

No need to worry if a full-restoration by MCR isn't quite what you are looking for. If you are a do it yourselfer but want to leave the fabrication to the professionals, than please leave it in the capable hands or our metal shop team.

AMD Restoration Corner

Be sure to check out the many examples of our craftsmanship in this area as documented by the AMD Restoration Corner magazine series. A good number of our many magazine features are available over here.

Magazine Image
E-Body Inner Fender Replacement
How To Replace Inner Fenders On A Chrysler E-Body

This magazine article is available online at the publisher's website. You can find it at this link on their website

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