Minneapolis WOW

Always great to hear from past customers! Congratulations to Chad Hynes and his 70 Challenger Convertible. Photographs of the 15 year old restoration are available at http://www.musclecarrestorations.com/gallery/v/Chrysler/Completed/Dodge-Challenger-70-002:

“My Challenger Convert won a 2nd place at WOW show at Minneapolis Viking Stadium last weekend. Even after 15 years and driving {not trailering} , it still held its own with some pretty stiff competition. The colors fit into the Viking colors.”

2017 Chicago World of Wheels

MCR had a great weekend at the Chicago World of Wheels.

We would like to congratulate Mike Kreseski for taking home the Outstanding Restored reward with his MCR restored 1969 1/2 Super Bee.  Awesome car Mike! We will be bringing this OE Gold Restored Super Bee to a number of additional shows this year including the God’s Country Racing Show, Mopars in the Park, and the Carlisle Nationals — so be sure to keep your eye out for this beauty and our display if you plan to attend any of those events! The restoration photos are available at: http://www.musclecarrestorations.com/gallery/v/Chrysler/Completed/Dodge-Superbee-69-004/

Congratulations to Richard Bice as well who took home First Place with his Fathom Blue 1967 GTO. The GTO was restored here at MCR back in 2012 and is still in flawless condition. You can see the restoration process of that vehicle at http://musclecarrestorations.com/gallery/main.php?g2_itemId=122707


Unbelievable! Check Out This Low-Mile Boss 429, Just Pulled Out of Storage After 40 Years!


Be sure to check out the Hot Rod article on the 429 Boss Mustang here for a restoration. You can find it at the following address: http://www.hotrod.com/cars/featured/1606-unbelievable-check-out-this-low-mile-boss-429-just-pulled-of-storage-after-40-years/

Additional photographs are available on our website at: http://www.musclecarrestorations.com/gallery/v/Ford/Mustang-69-001/

Chris Perna’ 1968 Dodge Charger

The ’68 Dodge Charger that awarded MCR the 2014 Pro Builder Of The Year Award has just been featured in Car Craft Magazine to great reception. It was a pleasure to build this vehicle for it’s owner Chris Perna! Thanks to everyone involved!

You can read the entire article at: Car Craft Feature Article (HotRod.com)

Please visit the build page for photographs of the entire build: 68 Charger Build Gallery