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Information on Electrocoating (E-Coating):

Note: MCR offers these services exclusively to our restoration customers as a value-added service. At this time we are not offering these services on an individual basis.

E-Coating is actually the second step in a process which a metal surface is prepared for painting. First, the body of the vehicle is chemically stripped and cleaned of any unwanted materials such as body filler, paint, grease, rust, or any other material that could affect the quality of the final product. This step provides us with a vehicle that is reduced to its basic elements and ready for the metal work to begin without weakening or removing any good metal. In many cases, it will provide for a much more accurate time and materials estimate since we know exactly what we have to work with.

Once the vehicle has been chemically stripped and the majority of the metal repair and replacement has been completed, the vehicle is ready for E-Coating. The coating process consists of a series of 13 operations that provide the metal with a surface that is ready for finishing coats of paint. The first eight steps of the process prepare the metal by submerging the body of the vehicle in a series of tanks that wash and then coat it with a rust inhibiting layer. The next step is to dip the vehicle into the electrostatically charged E-Coat tank, which covers every square inch of the interior and exterior of the body and electrically bonds the primer to the surface of the metal. After the body is passed through three more conditioning and washing tanks, it is cured in a baking oven. The vehicle is now ready to begin the final body work touches and be prepped for paint.

E-Coating Informative Video

We've put together a ten minute movie of a Chevelle going through our E-Coating process. After watching the video you should come away with a better understanding of the process and also an appreciation for the costs involved.

Click here to watch the larger E-Coating video. (For cable modem, DSL, and other fast connections.)
Click here to watch the smaller E-Coating video. (For dial-up modems and other slower connections.)


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