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Now that Muscle Car Restorations is well into its second decade of producing national award winning restorations, you might be tempted to think that we've settled into a pretty comfortable routine by now. Well, any of you who know owner John Balow and this team already understand that's just not a part of our makeup. We like building cars and don't mind thinking outside of the box .. even if the car comes in a box.

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Boundurant Coupe

The Blue FFR Type 65 Coupe was built by Muscle Car Restorations of Chippewa Falls, WI according to a strict build plan specified by the legendary Bob Bondurant. The "Bondurant Coupe" as it is known at Factory Five Racing is owned by Dave Smith and was built to replicate the car that Bob won the first Le Mans victory in. The car is painted Patriot Blue with GM-10 Arctic White stripes and Gumballs. Powered by a small block Ford Racing 302 crate engine developing 345 hp, the car runs 0-60 mph in less than four seconds. Other nice features include vintage gauge set, Weber carburetors, three-link racing suspension and power steering. The car won first place at the 2005 Boston World of Wheels show and was featured in the Factory Five booth at the 2004 SEMA show.

Text (above) and photographs (right) courtesy of Factory Five Racing.
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The Type 65 Coupe that Muscle Car Restorations built for us has been one of the most impressive, reliable, and durable shop built cars we have ever had on our showroom floor.

The fit and finish of the MCR Coupe was outstanding, and the attention to detail is in a class of its own. This car has been used by David Smith as his personal coupe, on the street, strip and track, and it still runs and looks exactly the way that Muscle Car Restorations delivered it.

We have continually been amazed by John Balow and the MCR crew by the way that they surpass our expectations on every project., every step of the way.

Mark Weber
Factory Five Racing

Project Sidewinder

Initiated by Hot Rod Magazine, the project started with world-renowned auto designer Murray Pfaff applying some modern style to the classic AC Cobra. For starters, he moved the scoop to the leading edge of the hood, reworked the front brake vents, and added rear brake scoops to the tops of the quarters. Worked into the design are some carbon fiber accents and a bold new set of racing stripes. It might be a classic design but it definitely does not look like an old car. Year One couldn't resist getting involved with this so their supply of parts included some new Mustang components.

Yes, it looks good but does it go? You do the math. 1800 pounds divided into 550 HP from a 427 cube Ford small block. Yeah, it goes! And turns and stops. maybe faster than you want it to.

From the minds of Hot Rod Magazine, the pen of Murray Pfaff, the supply of Year One, and the meticulous craftsmanship of MCR comes the highest level of kit car quality and performance. Project Sidewinder. Don't mess with it; you'll get bit!

.. we took him on and had a kit delivered to the anal-retentive (and we say that in the most kind way) pros at Muscle Car Restorations in Wisconsin. Over the course of only a few months, MCR's John Balow and his boys turned our FFR Cobra from three boxes of parts into a running, driving, fire-breathing Cobra that would make Carroll Shelby if not proud, at least a little jealous... Read full article

- Hot Rod Magazine

The Q Collegiate Power Challenge

Muscle Car Restorations had the honor of doing the paint and body work on the Glendale Heights, Illinois teams Cobra competing in Hot Rod's Q Collegiate Power Challenge. The car was Featured on their website and in the July 2006 issue of Hot Rod Magazine. Click here for photos of the entire process!

Please take a look at our many awards, testimonials, and services. Our online gallery of projects will give you an extensive look at how we operate. Browse through our over 25 thousand photographs and you'll find out that we aren't afraid to show what's happening behind the scenes, because we know it's being done right.

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