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2007 Muscle Car Restoration - Open House

We would like to thank everyone who showed up for our open house this year! It was a great turn-out!

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Open House Photo

This past May 5th, Muscle Car Restorations again hosted their annual open house Saturday. This is the public's annual opportunity to get a behind the scenes look into the inner workings of one of the very best restoration shops anywhere. Besides getting a chance to see many of their client's cars (both in progress and finished), an estimated crowd of over 300 had the entire MCR staff at their disposal to ask questions and seek advice. As always, they freely shared the techniques they use to produce what are arguably the finest restorations around.

photographs of our new building!

MCR also used this event to debut their new 10,500 square foot building #6. This new addition will provide a dedicated space for disassembly and storage of both parts and cars. It will also house MCR's state of the art Mustang Dyno thereby freeing up space in their assembly building. The purpose is to increase production capacity and continue to improve the quality and accuracy of each individual project. With this expansion, MCR now has in excess of 30,000 square feet of working space and is better able to meet the growing demand for their world-class work.

Again this year, several car clubs and current project owners made MCR their cruise destination for the day. Groups from the Olds Club of America, the Midwest Shelby American Automobile Club, and Midwest Mopars along with many individuals from the local area came for the free hot dogs and the chance to pick up a tip or two or three for their own projects. Perhaps the most popular attractions of the day were the Murray Pfaff designed '39 Lincoln Zephyr project (lots of expert metal work) and a couple of mid-nine second passes on the Mustang Dyno.

Of course you can't gather this many motor-heads in a space with this many current projects and not generate a lot of bench racing talk so we just had to listen in a little to hear what everyone was saying about MCR.

Kevin Larson of the Olds Club of America remarked that, "Cars roll out of here better than from the factory. The lines are precise. The craftsmanship is phenomenal."

Tom Iannazo, who has a '66 383 Dart that he has owned since he was 16 years old and that MCR is just beginning work on, was heard to say, "I know it will turn out the way it is supposed to. These are the people to go to. Seems like every car I walked up to (that I really liked at shows) was done by MCR."

Dan Matilla, who is the director of promotions for the Shelby Club, commented that, "The key thing that's making Muscle Car Restorations successful is the quality of the work that comes out of here, the attention to accuracy, and their willingness to go to outside sources for expertise to make sure that it's right. I really enjoy working with people that want to work on details. MCR ranks tops in quality, accuracy and production capability."

Marty Batz's '66 Satellite convertible is currently on site waiting for disassembly to begin. Marty was at the open house talking about the history of his Plymouth when he stated that he, "brought it up here to the best people in the business. Everybody seems very professional and obviously the work is second to none. Fantastic quality and attention to detail. They don't cheat on anything and I'm so impressed by the quality of the workmanship."

Perhaps the most excited person at the event was Chris Clawson who was there to pick up his recently completed 1970 Chevelle convertible. When Chris went looking for a shop to redo his old high school cruiser, he started researching online and in magazines and over and over again, "I kept finding the name John Balow and Muscle Car Restorations." Chris grew up in his father's body shop so he new something about quality work when he went to look at cars that were previously done by MCR. His father kept observing that the cars never looked that good when they were new. Chris said flatly, "I wasn't looking for the cheapest, I was looking for the best. The car looks better than it did when it came out of Detroit, it drives like new or better, and the paint work is awesome. MCR is a joy to work with."

Again this year, Muscle Car Restorations open house was an unqualified success for everyone. Watch the web site for next years date and make plans to cruise out and spend part of a day asking questions, checking out the cars, and rubbing elbows with the friendliest staff around.

See you next year!


May 5th, 2007
10:00 AM to 2:00 PM


Muscle Car Restorations
11371 20th Avenue
Chippewa Falls, WI

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We have a large number of current projects here at MCR. Come get a first hand look at the various stages of professional car restoration.

Come see our new building! This addition is big news for our company.

There will be a demonstration of our in-house Mustang Chassis Dynamometer. Click here for more info

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